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  • What makes AFC different?

    Why AFC

    AFC is in discussion with governments and companies across Asia to establish direct links to your farm gate. These entities see huge benefits in sourcing Australian produce, famous for its food safety and high quality, to help satisfy booming demand. They want to know exactly where the meat, fruit, vegetables and dairy they are importing have come from, and AFC’s structure means we can keep the grower-consumer link tight.

    Finance, insurance alternatives

    Our increasingly global environment means more to Australian farmers than increased opportunities for agricultural export to Asia. It also means sovereign lenders outside Australia are prepared to consider extending finance to you at rates and on terms which are more attractive and accessible than those being offered by Australian banks. AFC is in contact with sovereign lenders who are keen to do business with Australian producers, and can put you in touch with some borrowing alternatives if you are looking for a change in your financing arrangements.


    In conjunction with Ag Guard, AFC is looking to develop some multi-peril crop insurance options for producers. Click here to take our insurance survey



  • Matthew Fuge

    Co Founder / Director

    Matthew was raised on the family farm at Forbes in central New South Wales, where he learnt to fly in the family’s Cessna 150, and developed his love of the land. Choosing to pursue a career in aviation, Matthew has clocked up 22 years as an airline pilot. While he has lived in Hong Kong since 2004, his heart has never left Australian agriculture. Today he is a part-owner of the family farm at Forbes, which continues the Fuge tradition of growing crops like wheat and barley, and running sheep and cattle. Living in Asia has shown Matthew the tremendous opportunities its economy offers Australia, a renowned producer of high-quality and safe food. Matthew has co-founded AFC because he believes Australian growers deserve better rewards for their commitment to agriculture, and improved transparency when it comes to export pricing.

    Charles Wong

    Co Founder

    Charles Wong is an Executive Director of TVM Capital China. TVM Capital China works with its investors through its fund (China Biopharma I) on bringing new and innovative Biotech and Pharmaceuticals technologies to China from the West. Based in Munich, Germany, TVM Capital Group is the largest private equity firm in Europe that spans a history of over 30 years. www.tvm-capital.com

    Charles is also the founding CEO of Privé Financial Limited (Privé), an innovative financial broker dealer based in Hong Kong which offers an integrate private banking solution to family offices and external asset managers. Privé Financial through its virtual fund technology works in partnerships with firms like Citibank, Blackrock and other large financial institutions to expand their outreach into the global wealth management arena. 

    Prior to founding of Privé Financial Mr. Wong was with J.P. Morgan in Asia, as Managing Director in charge of developing and marketing J.P. Morgan structured investment products in Asia. Mr. Wong sat on the Advisory Board of National Chengchi University (Taiwan) Risk Management and Insurance Research Center.

    Charles holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


    Brent Bell


    Brent has more than 20 years’ experience in financial services management in sectors including insurance and asset management.

    Before establishing his own executive consultancy, Brent was Managing Director and Head of Asia for Genworth Financial, a listed Fortune 500 company.

    From 2003 to 2011, Brent was Vice President and Head of Affiliate Business in Asia Pacific for leading Australian-based life insurer MetLife Inc.

    As a graduate of the Auckland University of Technology, Brent left New Zealand to forge a career which has taken him to postings in Australia, Africa, China and Hong Kong, his home since 2001.

    He has also worked extensively with other countries, including India and Japan, and moved into international roles with AIG, one of the world’s leading insurance companies.

    Brent has developed growth strategies to help build businesses in Asia by drawing on his management experience, cultural awareness and understanding of corporate governance.

  • Premium Australian Commodities

    World leaders in Quality

    World class quality and professionalism in agriculture. Full traceability direct to the grower.

    Australian beef is grown under the strict control guidelines of our meat industry. MLA and government agencies ensure all health and welfare of animals whilst being produce and strict grading of the final product so that there is no compromise to quality when it comes to sale.


    Click on image for details.



    The Australian lamb industry has a long history of producing safe, quality lamb


    for customers around the world. We take pride in the meticulous standards
    that have resulted in one of the world’s highest animal health statuses, not to
    mention our extensive traceability program. The following are just a few of the
    reasons Australian lamb stands out in the global marketplace.



    Click on image for details.



    Proximity to Asia shortens transport


    times, allowing Australia to deliver
    fresher, more attractive fruit and
    vegetables to these markets by sea
    and air, often supplying in counter-
    seasonal months and in times of short
    supply. Fresh produce can be packed
    and airfreighted to Asian markets
    within 48-60 hours from harvest.
    Produce sent by sea in refrigerated
    containers can be in Asian markets
    within 12-20 days of harvest.


    Traceability and quality assurance
    systems are compulsory in all export



    packing houses. Refrigerated storage
    and trucking to port are used in all
    production regions. Modern and
    efficient port facilities provide prompt
    delivery of consignments to export


    Click on image for details.




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